Ayuda (ayuda.com) provides legal, social and language access services to help low-income immigrants access justice and transform their lives. Ayuda’s expert and dedicated professionals help immigrants from anywhere in the world navigate the immigration and justice systems and access the social safety net. Ayuda staff provides holistic, culturally appropriate, and client centered services to more than 8,000 clients in the region annually, with more than 400 living in Montgomery County.

Headquartered: Washington, D.C.

Serves: D.C., Virginia and Maryland

What a donation buys:

• $250 covers the costs of transportation, food, clothing or health care so clients can begin to rebuild their lives.
• $1,500 provides safety planning, crisis intervention, emotional support and trauma-informed therapy so survivors can heal and recover.
• $5,000 provides expert legal services so that low-income immigrants can overcome barriers and access justice.

Volunteer opportunities:

• Ongoing: Fill in for Ayuda’s intake specialists, help deliver food and supplies to clients, organize Ayuda’s food pantry, or participate in Metro Day working alongside survivors of domestic violence.
• Internships