Bark Social

Sometimes border collies just want to hang out with other border collies. And at Bark Social, they can. The private dog park, beer garden and coffee bar at Pike & Rose in North Bethesda hosts themed get-togethers for dogs every Monday, including breed meetups. Doberman and Cavapoo events each attracted more than 35 pups last fall. Don’t have a purebred? No worries—there are also events for long-haired dogs, dogs named Jack, or dogs who are longer than they are tall. The 25,000-square-foot space includes a fenced play area, covered patio and indoor clubhouse. A day pass costs $9.99 on weekdays, $14.99 on weekends for one dog; and an additional $4.99 for a second. See website for membership rates (memberships are not required for meetups). There’s no fee at Bark Social for people without dogs.

Bark Social, 935 Prose St. (Pike & Rose), North Bethesda, 240-253-6060,