Taco Bamba

There aren’t many places with fast-casual food and a bar—a real one—side by side, which is one reason we’ve fallen for Taco Bamba. You can order your tacos, then enjoy a tasty margarita bambera (El Charro tequila, orange scented agave syrup, lime juice) or any of the other fun specialty drinks while you wait for your name to be called. Or you can skip the line for food and order at the bar, like we did. A few drinks, several tacos, queso and chips, and a chicken quesadilla later, and we’d forgotten we were at a fast-casual taco joint. Among our favorites from the cocktail menu (which changes from time to time): “Biz’s Beet of the Day,” a mezcal drink with a beet and clove reduction, and the “Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize,” which is named after the Fantasy Island actor (“de plane, de plane”) and includes mezcal and coconut rum. You can eat and drink outside in good weather.

Taco Bamba, 1627 Rockville Pike (Congressional Plaza), Rockville, 301-822-2334, tacobamba.com