MentorPrize ( aims to mitigate the chronic shortage of mentors in the D.C. area so children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds get the emotional, academic and/or professional support everyone deserves. The organization recruits mentors and refers them to mentoring programs serving a wide range of constituents—from homeless kids to teenage parents. MentorPrize has recruited 160 mentors for their nonprofit partners in Montgomery County.

Headquartered: Bethesda

Serves: Metro region

What a donation buys:

  • $250 underwrites the matchmaking for mentor-mentee pair.
  • $1,000 provides a sponsorship of a mentors and mentees event.
  • $10,000 pays for a large portion of a mentor coordinator’s salary.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Weekly: Serve as a mentor for one of 25 nonprofit partners.
  • Internships