Candidates for U.S. president are on the ballot this year, as well as state appellate court positions.

The candidates are listed below:



On the ballot:

• Donald J. Trump (Republican)

• Joe Biden (Democrat)

• Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian)

• Howie Gresham Hawkins (Green)

• Jerome M. Segal (Bread and Roses)

Filed as write-in candidates:

• Dennis Andrew Ball

• Barbara Bellar

• President Boddie

• Randall Foltyniewkz

• Shawn Howard

• Johnson Lee

• Susan B. Lochocki

• Deborah Rouse

• Kasey Wells

• Albert Raley

• Benjamin Schwalb

• Edward Shlikas

• Todd Cella

• Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente


Appellate courts


Maryland Court of Appeals, Circuit 7 (one seat)

• Mary Ellen Barbera


Maryland Court of Special Appeals, At-Large (one seat)

• E. Gregory Wells


Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Circuit 7 (one seat)

• Steven B. Gould