Jeff Waldstreicher

Where you live: Kensington

Date of birth: Dec. 31, 1979

Current occupation and employer (may also list up to two other jobs you’ve held); if retired, list your last job and employer: Attorney

Political experience (public offices held and when, as well as unsuccessful campaigns for office and which years: State delegate in District 18 (elected 2006; re-elected 2010, 2014)

Campaign information:

1 – Why are you running for this office? (75 words max)

I’m running for State Senate because I believe in progressive values that uplift Montgomery County. I’m a proud Democrat, lifelong Montgomery County resident, and father of three. In the State Senate, I’ll fight for your families the same way I fight for my own. That means 1) investing in education, 2) passing universal healthcare, and 3) cracking down on gun violence.

2 – What is the most important issue in this race and what specific plans do you have to address it? (100 words max)

Education is my top issue.  My kids attend Montgomery County Public Schools just like I did. As State Senator, I’ll continue working to keep our schools strong. How?

• Fully Fund our Schools: I’ll fight for the resources we need and ensure our educators get paid fairly.

• Decrease Class Sizes: I’ll continue to advocate for our fair share of education dollars to help keep class sizes small and close the achievement gap.

• Keep Schools Safe: I’ll stand up to Trump and oppose any efforts to arm teachers in Maryland, which would only put our kids at risk.

3 – What is one major issue the current Senate has handled poorly and what would you have done differently? (100 words max)

I believe in economic justice and fighting for working Marylanders. The Maryland State Senate has yet to move forward on the Fight for Fifteen legislation to raise Maryland’s minimum wage. In the House, I’m proud to be a lead sponsor of the bill with my friends and colleagues from Baltimore and Prince George’s Counties. In the State Senate, I’ll continue leading the fight to stand up for working Marylanders and raise our minimum wage.​​

4 – What experience (work, political or other) has prepared you to hold this office? (100 words max)

It’s been my honor to have been elected to serve three terms in the Maryland House of Delegates. In the House, I’ve fought for our public schools and dramatic investments in education. I’ve pushed aggressively to make healthcare more affordable. I’ve stood up to the NRA and passed laws to crack down on gun violence. Now I’m running for State Senate. I believe that progressive values can inspire policies that uplift all Marylanders. I have three young children, so this is personal for me. With hard work, I hope I can earn your vote.