Photo by Kendal Stopak/Michael Bennett Kress Photography

Bride and Groom

Michelle Ezra Jacoby is a the owner of DC Matchmaking, originally from Bethesda and Rob Slattery is an IT Systems Architect at Deloitte, originally from Manasquan, N.J.

The wedding

June 24, 2012 at the couple’s Eastern Shore home overlooking Island Creek in Oxford.

How they met

A friend was treating Michelle to dinner at Woodmont Grill to thank her for setting her up on a bunch of dates. Rob was invited by friends to the restaurant as well.  He had declined the invitation twice, but his friends finally convinced him to come. They both sat at the bar and started chatting. Michelle interviewed his friends before giving him her number. “That’s the matchmaker in me,” she said.

First date

They went for a drink at Redwood and then had dinner at The Nest Cafe in downtown Bethesda.  After dinner, they went back to Michelle’s house and watched TV until 6:00 a.m.

The proposal

After about six months together, Rob asked Michelle’s parents for their permission to marry her.  Then, a month later, Rob proposed at Thanksgiving dinner in front of Michelle’s entire family and close friends.

What she loves most about him

“I love how playful and fun Rob is and also how loving, generous, kind and down-to-earth he is.  He’s also very easy-going and he’s almost always in a good mood.  He’s so likable and fun to be around. He’s just a big kid – an awesome dancer who is the life of the party.  He usually defaults to “Sure, let’s do it!”  He treats me beautifully and is always a gentleman. He even opens the door for me when I’m driving.  He’s communicative and warm.  I love the way he loves me and tells me how he feels.  Plus he’s so handsome.”

What he loves most about her

“Michelle is easy-going, funny and fun.  She loves to go places and try fun things. She is super kind, a real sweetheart. I call her my “Little Miss Buddha.” I also love how close she is with her family and how warm and generous she is with her friends. She’s given me three awesome step-children and a son, Easton. I’ve always wanted a family of my own. Michelle is 100% trustworthy and loves me unconditionally.  I love her smile!”

Number of people who attended


Wedding Theme

The wedding had a summer, casual theme with bright colors and summer flowers.


Hot pink and lime green. The wedding party wore turquoise, green, orange and yellow.

Favorite moment of the day

“My favorite moment was when we were just married, and Rob and I raised our hands and shouted “Woohoo,” said Jacoby.  

Favorite detail

During the ceremony, the couple’s closest friends and family read aloud their blessing wishes for the couple.


Hot pink, one shoulder, full length dress purchased at Luna on Bethesda Row.


A pirate-themed cake with white chocolate handmade sea shells made by Jacoby’s daugther Joslyn and her niece Blair.


Kendal Stopak with Michael Bennett Kress Photography in Bethesda

The honeymoon

Instead of a honeymoon, the couple went on a “familymoon.” Three days after the wedding the newlyweds, plus 12 family members flew to Ecuador and then to the Galapagos Islands for an 11-day trip.

Wedding Planner

Gourmet by the Bay


The pink and purple potted plants were purchased from a local flower shop in St. Michaels. They planted them after the wedding at the house in Oxford.


Gourmet by the Bay


Jimmy Smooth and Hittime, Mowtown