Bus Rapid Transit Means Different Things To Different Places – The rapidness of bus rapid transit systems depend on what kind of system a place builds. Sometimes, cities use the term to avoid having to build more costly and controversial rail transit without dedicating lanes for buses. The Montgomery County Council is hosting a pair of public hearings on the county’s Bus Rapid Transit Master Plan in a few weeks. [Greater Greater Washington]

Metro Ridership, Revenue Miss Projections For Fiscal Year 2013 – The transit system says Hurricane Sandy, an unexpected Christmas Eve federal holiday, changes in the federal transit benefit, the July 2012 fare hike and federal furloughs are to blame. The system missed its revenue projections by $20.3 million as fewer people rode Metro Rail, especially on weekends. Critics say the system’s frequent maintenance and reliability issues pushed people away. [Washington Post]

Honest Tea Wants To Reward People Who Recycle – The Bethesda company will exchange gifts for empty plastic bottles from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Westbard Giant (5400 Westbard Ave.). Bring an empty bottle to the 12-foot-tall blue recycling bin in front of the store and win gifts including grocery store gift cards, sports memorabilia, t-shirts, iPad Minis and other stuff. [Honest Tea]

North Bethesda Carjacker Pleads Guilty, Could Go To Prison For 35 Years – Byron Govan, 28, from White Plains, Md., pleaded guilty Monday to two Montgomery County carjackings, including an Oct. 31 incident near a Rockville Pike office building in which he used a BB gun to steal a Lincoln Aviator. Govan pleaded guilty to a series of crimes in Maryland and Virginia, including a September 2012 carjacking at an ATM on Congressional Lane in Rockville. Govan faces 35 years in prison according to his plea deal. [The Gazette]

Flickr photo by ehpien