The C.L.A.Y. Foundation held a Beach Ball on Saturday, August 24 at Bethesda Country Club.

The foundation was started after Laura Metro and her husband, Matt, almost lost their son, Clay, in a near death downing accident.

In addition to beginning The C.L.A.Y. Foundation, Metro also founded WINK Bags (When In Need of Kindness). The program sends two bags, one with upscale commodities like lip gloss and perfume, and one full of basics like deodorant and toothpaste, to individuals at the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

The C.L.A.Y. Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates for swim instruction, CPR training, AED availability and a year-round warm water swim facility. (C-CPR, L-Learn to FloatFirst, A-AED, Y-Year round swim facility) The C.L.A.Y. Foundation empowers individuals to save lives through prevention then emergency first response.