Metro 4-5 Months From Making Decision On Red Line Tunnel Leaks – Metro also spent $4.3 million last year pumping water out of a three-mile stretch of the Red Line from Friendship Heights to Medical Center stations. Closing the Red Line for an extended period to make permanent fixes is still an option. Now officials are floating the idea of closing down the section for four or five consecutive weekends. [Washington Post]

WSSC Repairs Small Water Main Break – A 10-inch cast iron service pipe broke on Fleming Avenue on Wednesday, affecting 32 homeowners. The pipe was repaired by 4 p.m. [ABC7]

Metro’s Customer Pledge – How do you make one that is meaningful, applies to the large amount of people who ride the system and realistic for WMATA to reach? [Greater Greater Washington]

B-CC Girls Soccer The Team To Beat – The program won four straight state titles from 2008 to 2011 and is projected to finish at or near the top of the county standings again. A few contenders include fellow Bethesda schools Whitman and Walter Johnson. [The Gazette]

Flickr photo by ehpien