Montgomery County wants to recycle 70 percent of its waste stream by 2020 and is expanding its recycling program in an effort to help reach the mark.

County Executive Isiah Leggett on Wednesday announced the county’s Solid Waste Processing Facility and Transfer Station in Derwood will now take all kinds of plastic possessions you likely have around the house.

Laundry baskets, dish drainers, lawn furniture, waste baskets, clothes hangers, tote boxes, crates, large buckets and pet carriers are some of the rigid plastic items the county can now recycle.

Check out the Division of Waste Management’s website for more on what items can be recycled and what items still can’t.

According to Maryland Department of the Environment numbers released in April, Montgomery County had a 58 percent recycling rate in 2011, the highest rate in the state. State law requires all counties and Baltimore City to recycle 15 to 20 percent of their municipal solid waste, depending on population.

The 70-percent recycling rate goal was determined last year.

The Transfer Station will start accepting large plastic items today (Wednesday). Officials asked that items be empty, rinsed if necessary and clean of loose dirt or soil. The items will not be collected at regular curbside pick-ups.

Image via Division of Waste Management