Today is Terrible Traffic Tuesday, the day AAA Mid-Atlantic says any summer respite from daily traffic congestion is officially over.

The day after Labor Day has traditionally seen an increase in commuters around the area as people return to work from summer vacations and area school systems that hadn’t opened open.

Also, AAA Mid-Atlantic says almost 341,000 area residents will return from their Labor Day weekend trips throughout the day, making for a more congested than usual morning and afternoon rush.

“On Terrible Traffic Tuesday, we will once again feel every inch of being in the most congested area of the country,” AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Lon Anderson said. “Take a cue from the proverbial early bird and get an earlier start on the roads than normal in order to keep your day on track and save money on wasted fuel.”

The organization predicts more than 5,000 school buses in the area each day during the 2013-2014 school year. The expectation is traffic will increase 26 percent in September compared to August. The average 20.4-minute daily delay that drivers experienced around here in July and August will return to an average of 25.8 minutes during September.