Lots of Secret Service made a sweep of Rosa Mexicano’s Friendship Heights location on Friday afternoon, September 21. A party of six had a reservation for 6 p.m. And guess who came to dinner? Here are the particulars, according to Caroline Schoen, general manager of the restaurant:

Who: Sasha Obama and a friend, Kathleen and Hunter Biden and two of their daughters.

What they ate: All six had the restaurant’s signature tableside guacamole, as well as an amuse bouche of shrimp and bacon made especially for them. Sasha Obama and the three girls each ordered the chicken quesadillas and Jarritos Grapefruit soda; Kathleen Biden had the chicken tacos, Hunter, the enchiladas suizas.
The chef made a special dessert for the group as well—Raspberry Sorbet over Mexican Spiced Chocolate with Cinnamon Sugar Sopapillas. Sasha reportedly had seconds.

Where they sat: In the glass-enclosed room; the Bidens at one table, the girls at another.

How long they were there: About 1½ hours, with lots of talking and having fun.

What they wore: Casual clothing.

Who paid: Hunter Biden.

Best overheard conversation: Sasha Obama’s friend, asking her, “Are we going to your house for a sleepover?”