Berliner Says NIH Should Have Notified County of Outbreak – County Council President Roger Berliner (D-Potomac-Bethesda) said the NIH Clinical Center should have notified the county of last summer’s “superbug” outbreak. Six patients died directly from the antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which was introduced to the hospital by a patient from New York. The NIH released details of the event on Wednesday. [The Washington Post]

Live Table Games at Maryland Casinos Could Be Ready By January – If Maryland voters approve the Nov. 6 referendum allowing live table games, state casinos could have them ready to go quickly. [Washington Business Journal]

WSSC Says 1,200 County Buildings Too Close to Large Water Mains – The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission said more than 1,200 buildings, including a few dozen on Tilden Lane in North Bethesda, are too close to the agency’s largest water mains. If those mains were to burst, as a large pipe under River Road did in 2008, they could cause major damage. [The Washington Post]

Flickr photo by pikeplacegameworks