Dear Readers:

Changes are in the air for Shop Talk

One year ago, we took our regular Bethesda Magazine Shop Talk column to cyberspace. It’s been a fun 12 months blogging about our ever-changing retail scene: enterprising local entrepreneurs; fashion shows, sales and events; and longtime shopping centers giving way to new mixed-use developments.

And now, the time for my own change has come. I’ll be moving on from the demands of a day-to-day blog to enjoy the freedom and travel opportunities an empty nest has given me. In addition, I’ll be writing more feature stories and enjoying other literary and creative pursuits.

But I won’t be far. So, while I’m saying goodbye to cyberspace, you’ll still hear from me from inside the magazine itself—on the old-fashioned printed page.

I’ll leave you here with one last tidbit and, in the interest of coming full circle, right where we started a year ago—at a sale. The sidewalk sale on Bethesda Row is back this weekend (July 20-22). Enjoy!

And, thank you for your support.