Wake up, smell the coffee, then head for a bacon caramel at Bethesda’s Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market.

That’s where you’ll find Sarah Dwyer, candy maker extraordinaire and owner of Chouquette chocolates, who has started selling her caramels every Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays at the Wisconsin Avenue market.

I first wrote about Dwyer in the May/June issue of the magazine, and was wowed by the quality and appearance of her elegant, handcrafted candies, flavored with vanilla sea salt, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, raspberry and more.

But I hadn’t tried Dwyer’s bacon caramels, made with dark maple syrup, a pinch of coffee and diced, candied bacon.

“My inspiration was chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon and a cup of coffee,” says Dwyer, of one of her favorite breakfast combos. With the caramels, she can now have it all in one bite, she says.

And it’s a memorable bite—after breaking through the slightly bitter dark chocolate, there’s a creamy, gooey spurt, then a crunch of salty-sweet bacon.

To help support her new neighbors, Dwyer is buying the bacon from Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, the cheese and meat purveyor that has been a longtime vendor at the Farm Women’s Cooperative.

Similarly, to make her chai-flavored caramels in September, she plans to buy chai tea from Felix Tansil, who owns Nagadi Coffee, a couple stalls away. The Indonesian-born Tansil and his Brazilian-born wife, Patricia Carvalho, are architects-turned-micro-roasters, who have been selling coffee and tea at the market for about a year.

Also on Dwyer’s flavored-caramels agenda: Old Bay (in August), pumpkin pie (October), and in November, pecan pie with bourbon. I’ll be there.