Bethesda’s Wing Hub may have closed, but the chickens haven’t flown the coop.

The same cooks are there, and the menu will still feature wings and tenders with a choice of a dozen sauces.

But in addition to the wing thing, New York-style pizza and a bunch of new sandwiches will jazz up the offerings.

Jeff Trilling, a minority owner of Wing Hub, bought out the two other owners, Simon and Sophia Haddad, and is reopening it today, July 9, as Maggie’s.

Those who’ve been around the area for awhile may remember the old Maggie’s, a fixture in Tenleytown that opened in 1950. Its namesake was Phil Manganello, who sold the pizzeria to Trilling’s father, Joe, in 1964. Joe Trilling sold it in 1979, but it remained in business as Maggie’s until 1998, according to Jeff Trilling.

Pizza at the new Maggie’s will be made with the same dough recipe that his father used, but Trilling will be updating the toppings with Wing Hub’s signature chicken tenders and wing sauces. “The big hit will be the garlic parmesan,” Trilling predicted. The kitchen is also working on falafel and salad pizzas, and with a new flat grill, the cooks will now be able to turn out cheese steaks and quesadillas.

The bar area has been remodeled, and Maggie’s will eventually have a tiki bar on its outdoor patio.

Trilling said he’s in the midst of ordering the new awning that will say: “Maggie’s: Where Good Friends Meet,” the longtime motto of the Tenleytown pizzeria.

The grand opening won’t be until August 11.

In the meantime, says Trilling, “Dad’s coming in next week to help.”

Maggie’s, 4914 Cordell Ave., Bethesda.