Name: John Rillera

Lives in: Silver Spring

Age: 19

Occupation: Senior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

How would you describe your personal style?
“It can be different every day but I have a nickname around my school, ‘Fancy Kyle,’ from a couple years back and it’s gotten stronger and stronger every year.”

Who are your style icons?
“I don’t particularly have any icons when it comes to style. I just see people, like in magazines, random models. No one really specifically.”

Where do you like to shop?
“I shop almost solely at J.Crew. Basically everything I’m wearing now is from J.Crew.”

What’s on your fashion wish list?
“A Tom Ford suit. A nice gray Tom Ford suit.”

What is your one must-have wardrobe item?
“My ties. You caught me on a bad day because I’m not wearing a tie. I wear a tie or bow tie almost every day.”

How has your style evolved over the years?
“In the words of my fellow high schoolers, fancier every year. More ties, more often, every year.”

Most embarrassing fashion moment?
“I did this as a dare because people know me as ‘Fancy Kyle’ at my school. One day, it was actually my birthday, and it was the first day of the semester. A couple of my friends asked me ‘What are you going to wear on your birthday? Something extra fancy?’ I said, ‘No, not particularly, maybe I should come in in sweats.’ So that one day, I came in ‘not fancy,’ I came in running shoes, great sweatpants, great sweatshirt, and a beanie. It was terrible – the one day I didn’t spend time fixing my hair. Everyone thought it was funny, even my teachers.”