“We are forced to temporarily close due to damages caused by construction next door,” say the signs on the front of Fresh Grill and on the security fence that now surrounds it.

Next door to the burger and sandwich place on Bethesda’s Fairmont Avenue, there’s a huge hole in the ground, which is the apparent source of the problem. That’s where builders for Bainbridge Bethesda, a 17-story apartment building, recently broke ground.

So what happened?

“It’s really complicated and we’re not happy about it, I can assure you,” said Leonard Greenberg, founder of the Greenhill real estate company that owns the building housing Fresh Grill and the dance studio Dansez Dansez.

Greenberg said “we’re in litigation,” but would not elaborate further.

The structural damage was apparently significant, as Greenberg said “it’s unsafe to be in there.”

The Bainbridge Companies, the developer of the apartment building, had no comment.

Fresh Grill’s website says the landlord, the property developer and the contractor “are working on a repair plan and we will reopen as soon as structural safety to our premises is guaranteed.”

The note goes on to say that updates will be posted at TheFreshGrill.com and on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Additionally, messages can be left at 301-656-3882, or email freshgrill.inc@gmail.com.