Name: Matt Dickey

Grew up in: Montgomery Village

Age: 29

Occupation: Account Executive

How would you describe your personal style?
“I would say John Varvatos meets Banana Republic with a touch of my own creativity. I like Pendleton too.”

Who are your style icons?
“I don’t have one particular icon. I think for me, I am inspired by looks that people have. I was just in New York City and I am very observant. I will pick up trends based on that. Window displays and mannequins hints at something but for me, it is just trying out different ideas.
I really like John Varvatos even though I can’t afford a lot of their stuff. I turn to Gilt Groupe when there are sales and their store locations when I can. They have a Converse line that I buy from. And then, I usually try to splurge on a couple pairs of shoes at Nordstrom a year.”

Where do you like to shop?
“Gilt Groupe. I am definitely an online consumer when it comes to the high-end merchandise. I don’t really find myself in many high-end stores. I think they are really off-putting. It’s not the retail experience I like. I like something that is really hands-on. I find that Nordstrom has amazing customer service, they have always prided themselves on that. That is why I still like going there. Banana Republic I go to more for the Heritage line. I like their products. I kind of tend to just find things for myself. I’ll have a store clerk come up to me and introduce themselves, and if I’m not really feeling their style then I am going to just kind of go on my own. Usually I am a very focused consumer in terms of what I want. I’m always looking for a deal.”

What’s your one must-have item?
“It depends on the climate, but a nice comfortable pair of shoes. Especially because I am on my feet a lot for work. The Nike Air inserts for Cole Haan are where it’s at.”