Aside from being owner and chef of Grapeseed Bistro, Jeff Heineman can now add “farmer” to his title. Heineman started a one-acre farm in Woodbine, Md., this past spring, planting 300 heirloom tomato plants, beets, cucumbers, cantaloupes, chili peppers and more. This summer, he’s been out there five days a week, two hours a day, and has a growing appreciation for what it takes to be a small grower. Does he know what he’s doing? “Oh no, it’s total learn-as-you-go,” he said. He’s doing something right, as everybody will get to reap his beginner’s bounty at a series of summer farm dinners held at the restaurant at 4865 Cordell Ave. in Bethesda. The first was already on July 23 and the second on Aug. 13, but there will be one more—on Friday, Sept. 3. Four courses (supplemented with goods from other local farms), $65 with wine. Call 301-986-9592 for more information.